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Important Tips to Earn Money Through Google Adsense  

Google AdSense provides small, medium, and large web sites income when placing ads for goods and services that are relevant to the content on the page and are targeted to the site's visitors.
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Important Tips to Earn Money Through Google Adsense

Money for free? Well, not quite - but almost! Google AdSense provides small, medium, and large web sites income when placing ads for goods and services that are relevant to the content on the page and are targeted to the site's visitors. In return, you'll get a small amount when the ad appears either on your page or is clicked. We'll show you some good ideas that complement your own AdSense income.

Strategy 1 Create An Ad Unit

1.Log In To Your AdSense Account

Go to AdSense, and click "My Ads" in the upper-left corner.

Create a new unit. Click "+ New Ad unit" in the main window under "Content

2.Name The Display Unit

It can have any name, but you will see that a name format helps to manage large amounts of data.

One possibility is e.g. [Destination page of the ad] _ [Size of the ad] _ [Date of the ad], which would look like this: imeinewebseite.com_336x280_080112. Whichever format you use as a naming, make this your default.

3.Choose A Size

Read the "How it works" section below, but on Google you'll find the best method to generate more clicks. From my experience I will recommend Responsive Ad Code Type.

4.Set The Type Of Display

This determines the type of ads you see on the web page: just text; Text and image / media; And only image / media. 

5.Create A Personal Channel

A personal channel allows you to group display units in any way, by size or by location on the page.

So can measure performance by personal channel and turn your channel into a targeted ad placement, allowing advertisers to target their ad units.

6.Create The Style Of Your Ad

This allows you to select the colors for the various components of an ad: Border, Title, Background, Text, and URL. You can select the style of the corners from square to very rounded, a font family, and a standard step size.

It is a good practice to create an ad style that harmonizes with the look and colors of your website.

You can use Google's preferences, or your own personal settings. In any case, you'll see a sample ad on the right hand side of your ad.

7.Get The Code For Your Ad

When you are finished setting up the ad, either save your ad or click "Save and Get Code" below to get the HTML for your page.

If you need help with inserting the code on your page, click here and see the Google Embedding Instructions.

Strategy 2 How To Design An Ad Campaign

1.Analyze your content

If you are designing any kind of campaign, it is important to know your target people. For example, you write a blog about nutrition targeting certain men with a limited budget, you've narrowed down which visitors you're attracting. You also have a very good focus point for your ads. What are things to which cooking men feel attracted? Here are a few possibilities: dates, cars, movies, politics and livemusic.

Think about who is visiting your website, write down what you think is the most important features of your visitors.

2.Make Fine Adjustments To The Displays

While AdSense will fill your page with ads that it is relevant to, use its tools to make better controls.

Set up channels. Channels are like labels with which you can group your ad units in your own way - by color, category, or pages. By setting up channels, you can get detailed reports on the performance of your ad units, and take advantage of this to your advantage.

For example:

Use an ad in a group of pages, and a different style in another group. Observe and compare the performance of the two styles and choose the one that performs better.

Compare performance on pages that focus on different things. If your pages about gardening, for example, perform better than your page on cooking, you should consider adding more to the gardening pages.

If you have separate domains, set up a channel to watch both, and see which most clicks generate.

3.Optimize Your Ad Placement And Page Design

Google has determined that there are places where the ads are more effective and where they are less effective.

Ads that you see as soon as you get to the page (ie "over the fold" as you say in the newspaper language) are more effective than those under the "fold".

On the top left ads are better than ads on the bottom right.

Ads directly above the main content and ads at the bottom of the page above the footer bring very good performance.

Wider displays are generally more successful because they are easier to read.

Ads with pictures and videos bring very good performance

Colors that match the colors of your website make the ads more readable and more effective.

4.Learn How AdSense Works

AdSense automatically sends ads to your site, based on a few different criteria:

Contextual Targeting. AdSense crawlers scan your page, analyze your content, and provide ads that match your content. This is done by analyzing keywords, frequency of words, font size, and the link structure of the page.

Placement targeting. This allows advertisers to place their ads on certain subsections of a publisher's website. If your site matches the criteria of the advertiser, its ad will appear on your page.

Ads based on interests. This allows advertisers to reach users based on their interests and previous interactions, such as visiting a web page. Google's ad settings manager allows you to select your own interest categories, which will allow advertisers to better focus their campaigns. This method is useful to get more money out of your website as it increases its value for advertisers and provides a more relevant experience to users.

Strategy 3 How much is it worth?

1.Brake Your Expectations

When you sign up for AdSense, you need to know what kind of income you can expect. Many factors influence the expected income, and managing these things helps you maximize your potential.


The most important thing for you to get any income from AdSense is people who click on your ads. For this to happen, people must come to your site and read your content. Whether you have a business or private website, or a personal blog, the rule is always the same: "Spread the message!"

Great sites with a lot of traffic get over a million hits a day, whereby a blog can already be happy if it has 100 visitors a day.

For every thousand page impressions (views) you can earn between $ 0.05 and $ 5. Yes, this is a big bandwidth - in a month this is between $ 1.50 and $ 150! Where in this area you are, depends entirely on you, your side, and your promotion efforts.

3.Cost Per Click (CPC)

This is always paid when someone clicks an ad on your page. No, you can not click on your own ad - Google sees this and restores you faster than you can see. Advertisers rate the price for these ads, and this can vary widely.

An advertiser can spend much on a pro-click basis, but this ad will generate very little interest on your site.

Ad that generates $ 0.03 per click can be clicked 100 times, but this does not add up too much.

4.Click Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of visitors to your site compared to those who actually click an ad. When 100 people come to your side, and one of them has clicked a page, your CTR is 1%, and that is not a bad number. You'll see how more traffic on your site really makes a difference.

5.Earning Per 1000 Impressions (RPM)

That is an estimate of how much you earn when you get 1000 impressions (page views).

For example, if you earned $ 1 for 100 impressions, your RPM would be $ 10. There is no guarantee that you will earn this, but it is a good way to check the overall performance of your site.

6.The Content Is The King

The quality of your content is an important factor when it comes to understanding your merit potential. If your site is rich, addictive content and a great experience for the user, you have more interested users. Google's crawlers have also made it easier to find the type of ad content that best fits your site. Interested users + Targeted ads = $$$

7.Build Pages Rich In Keywords

Spread generously well researched, profitable keywords and get many quality links to your site.

If your site is dealing with issues such as debt consolidation, web hosting or asbestos related cancer, you earn much more per click than when it comes to free puppies.

If only focus on top-paid keywords, you will have strong competition. What you need are very much sought-after and little-used keywords, so do careful research on keywords when building your pages.


Even though Google does not provide details about how they set the ads on a particular page, they say that the content on the page is crucial, not the meta tags.

Quality is the most important part of every website. If your site contains no content in the quality that the visitor expects, then it will not come back.

A great resource for money-earning are sites like Flixya, which boost traffic. You can log in to Google AdSense and Flixya without the cost and time required to get traffic to your site.

Some webmasters design new pages specifically to serve Google AdSense ads, even if this is against the rules of AdSense, so you should also include affiliate links or sell your own products.

Avoid characters that are not German on German-language pages. There is a bug through which such characters can import irrelevant French ads.


If you do not have content, Google needs to guess what is on your side. It may be wrong to guess, and the displayed ad will not be relevant.

Do not click on your own ads. If Google catches you, your account will be suspended and retain all existing income. However, if you click on your ads one or two times by mistake, Google will keep this merit, but probably will not punish you as long as it does not happen all the time.

In the early days of the Internet, there were indications that you should click on the ads. These times are long gone. If Google discovered possible fraud, there is no acceptance of innocence. They think you're guilty.

Google has many limitations on how to display ads. One of the most important reasons for deleting the account is when a webmaster tries to hide the ads or mislead them so they think it's "content." For simplicity, Logo, unless you are authorized to do so!

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