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Top 8 Basic Things to be Known Before Getting Tattooed First - Advice by Tattoo Artist  

Getting first time tattooed is fashionable, but it is also advisable to understand what Tattoo Artist advice for knowing things before getting tattooed first
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Sneha Sneha on Sunday, August 27, 2017, 2 Yaers Ago

Top 8 Basic Things to be Known Before Getting Tattooed First - Advice by Tattoo Artist

Getting tattooed is now fashionable trend. Most of the people are worried about the pain as well as the about the image to be inked on their body. No doubt, these two are the most important things but focusing more on only these two things people will miss out other important things which are also of great importance.

As a first tattoo advice, the tattoo artist, across the world, recommends for starting things slowly, as the process is slightly painful. As an advice by Tattoo Artist, the top 8 things to be known before getting tattooed are-

1. Purpose or Meaning for Getting Tattooing

Unless you are not aware of the meaning of the tattoo, the cost, pain and the time invested for the tattoo will be of no use. You must take the time to analyze the fact that why you should have it in your skin.

2. Size Really Matters

If you have a large tattoo then it will cover maximum area of your body and you will have the needle traced across them. Thus you will have to shed more time and money both. Make sure that you have got practical reasons for getting a large tattoo design.

3. Go slow while Getting Tattoo

While getting tattooed first time, you should not haste into things when you are a beginner. Choose a small tattoo design that is aesthetically superb and ask the Tattoo artist to ink it on your body. Basically, when you go with a petite sized tattoo in the first instance you gradually get acclimatized with the procedure, intensity of pain, possible side effects, and all other related aspects.

4. Experience of Tattoo Artist

It is always advised to opt for professional artist as they are well aware of the ways to give your tattoo an elegant look. Experienced and reputed artists offer great value for your cost and a great level of service.

5. Judge yourself first

Prioritize your body above anything else, when you are getting tattooed. This advice will actually top in the list of First Tattoo Advice. If you are sensitive and have low tolerance to pain then you must be very careful about selecting the area where you would do the tattoo. e.g. avoid areas such as your spine, neck, groin, ribs, etc. which are very sensitive and will make you suffer from more pain as compared to other parts of your body.

6. Area to be Inked

Selection of the right place is highly important to have the actual benefit for the tattoo. In most of the cases, people fail and they come across choosing and weird and sensitive places to get a tattoo. The best places to have a tattoo are on the wrist, shoulder, back, waist, legs and even on the hands but not on the face, chin, eyebrows, etc.

7. Price

Price is one of the most important factors to be considered by the person. It doesn't make sense to have a meaningless tattoo in return of hefty price. The cost should be analyzed based on the experience of the tattoo artist. The cheap service providers may not be using the tattoo inks and other products that are skin friendly and scientifically prepared. Eventually, you may have to face dire consequences

8. Weather

If you get yourself inked in an exposed part of your body and allow it to remain under strong sunrays for prolonged hours then you will end up experiencing bad sunburn on that area. So, scorching summer can wreck havoc on your tattoo. Similarly, water submersion of the tattooed area for long hours is also not recommended because it may aggravate the chances of infection in the newly tattooed area. Thus harsh monsoon is also not recommendable. So, the best seasons for this body art are spring and autumn when the sunrays are soothing and chances of rainfall are also very rare.

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