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What is RSS & Why You Need RSS Feeds For Website?  

RSS actuates Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Adding a RSS channel to your website page will create your distinguishable quality and keep your online district. One of the strong methodology to keep your social event of individuals overhauled on the Web is through Rss Syndication.
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Catherine Catherine on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 2 Yaers Ago

 What is RSS & Why You Need RSS Feeds For Website?

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It is a method of distributing regularly updated content automatically and instantly on a large scale. In actuality, RSS is an XML file consisting of title, description and a link to that post. If you have a blog on wordpress or blogger, then you don't have to worry about creating RSS feed. They do it automatically for you. With the help of RSS Feed, a visitor can decide whether to click on the link to read more or not by reading the title and description just like it is displayed in Google.

By subscribing to a feed, you get access to reading new and current content of a website at free of cost. Even those websites who do not post regularly can take advantage of RSS and get new visitors.

RSS: A Short Background

RSS is an approach that disperses Web content around the Internet. Precisely when a set of substance is put into RSS and sent to varying regions or social events, it is known as a sustenance. Feeds aides can pull in light of a honest affectability to unmistakable web demand devices and perhaps, dumbfound with an all the more wide set of swarms.

It is a fact that every site and most web systems association terminations use feed channels to fitting their substance on the World Wide Web. Adding a RSS channel to your website page will create your distinguishable quality and keep your online district.

Understanding RSS Better

To do RSS syndication splendidly, you may join substance music, pictures, aspects and other important media to your sustenance. Syndication of RSS can in addition be done with the aid of RSS aggregators, where you can make a sustenance focused around a specific bid term.

The Role of RSS in Search Engine Optimization

Every sustenance is machine-clear, which suggests that the web searcher crawlers would not have to study the basic purposes of your site or article. Watch that web records love standard and endless substance. Thus, the orchestrating of your webpage page in web investment instruments is put higher.

In rundown, feed channels can help your business by stretching your area on the World Wide Web and possibly augmenting your social occasion of group of onlook.

Advantages of using RSS for Publishers

As a publisher, using RSS helps you dominate the internet and reach your target audience instantly. As soon as you post new content on your website or blog, RSS readers catch those changes and display them to their subscribers of readers.

RSS helps in bringing more visitors to website. You can promote RSS feed like a website and hence get more subscribers resulting in more visitors to your blog or website. This is called monetizing your RSS feed.

You don't have to run an email campaign to inform your visitors or audience about new or updated content on your website. You don't have to spam their inbox with unwanted emails. They will get automatically notified about the new content update on your website through RSS readers. It helps to retain your regular visitors.

Advantages of RSS for Subscribers

RSS saves time. As a subscriber, you don't have to go to each and every website of your interest to check new and updated content. It will keep you posted with the latest in your area of interest.

On the other hand as a reader, you can control what information you want to receive and when and from whom. These feeds can be easily prioritized, categorized and filtered according to your wish.

It saves you from spamming. You don't have to use your email address fro subscribing and hence your email will not be spammed with unwanted advertising spam emails. Moreover if you like the content, you can easily unsubscribe by simply deleting the feed from your reader.

Some best practices for promoting RSS

  1. Promote your RSS visibility within your website in an accessible area, as well as in your site maps page
  2. Use a standard RSS button/icon
  3. Make sure your RSS feed is available from your individual post / article page
  4. Add your RSS feed links to your site map
  5. Syndicate your RSS feed on Linkedin if you are lazy and don’t want to promote pieces selectively
  6. Subscribe to RSS yourself and follow other sites, blogs and competitors to generate insights personally
  7. Use SEO-best practices for headlines and excerpt information with published content pieces
  8. Use a web feed management tool like Feedburner.com to access feed stats and feed analytics
  9. Submit your RSS feed to Ping-O-Matic
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