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Who is Mother Teresa - a brief life history  

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Who is Mother Teresa - a brief life history

Family Background

Mother Teresa was Albanian – Indian and she is known as Roman Catholic nun and missionary and was born on 26th August, 1910 in Skopje in Republic of Macedonia. Her parents are Nikolle Bojaxhiu and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. Her father was a businessman, benefactor and politician. When Mother Teresa was just eight year old she lost her father. After living in Macedonia for eighteen years she moved from Macedonia to Ireland and then she lived most of her life in her favorite country India.

Great Devotee

  • In 1950, she founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation which had almost 4,500 sisters and was active by 2012 in 133 countries. The people over there manage homes of people who are dying of HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis. She also proffer food to the hungry people in lower rates or free of cost, opened dispensaries, orphanages and schools. She welcomes the people who take the responsibility of poverty, charity and obedience.
  • She left her home at the age of 18 years, in 1928 to join the “The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, whose members are called as Sister of Loreto in Ireland, to learn English to become a missionary. She never saw her mother and sister afterwards.
  • In 1929, she came to India and began the religious moment in Darjeeling in West Bengal where she learnt Bengali and taught at St. Teresa School. In 1943, Bengal Famine (which caused during World war II) bought misery and death in the city and in August 1946, Direct Action Day began in Muslim -Hindu violence.

Indian Charity

On 10th September 1946, Mother Teresa went to Loreto Convent in Darjeeling from Calcutta. She has gone there to help poor people who have lost faith on their people. No one knew that she is no more known as Sister Teresa now she is now known as Mother Teresa. Their poor people use to wear Loreto tradition but there Mother Teresa started missionary work and changed their clothing pattern to simple that means white cotton sari with blue border.

To help Indian poor she has taken Indian citizenship and stayed in Patna and done medical training at Holy Family Hospital. She then went to slum to help poor and given medical treatment to them so that they can survive easily in every condition as poor people don’t have money to take medical facility from hospital but now after getting help from Mother Teresa they can now do medical operation by their own. She made effort to bring people together who can help poor and help them to growth and that new religion is “Poorest among the poor”. Due to this great effort she came in the view of Indian Officials and Prime minister.

Later she wrote in her diary that, in initial first month she has begged for money to make poor and herself survive. Everyone appreciated this effort and kindness towards poor. The Missionaries of Charity take cares about the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, and the leapers. This list include that entire unwanted people, Unloved, Uncared for throughout society. Those people who have became burden for the society and they have seen shunned by everyone.

This group initially started with 13 members but later on it increase to 4000 sisters that manage orphanages, AIDS hospices and this charity center care about worldwide by caring refugees, the blind, disabled, aged, alcoholics, the poor, homeless and victims of floods, epidemics, and famine. For poor who can stay and live their happy life Mother Teresa opened her first hospice with the help of Calcutta officials. Every person lived happily there despite of caste and religion and everyone has freedom to do anything. The Missionary of Charity started adopting number of child who are homeless. For giving shelter to orphans and homeless children, in 1955, she opened Nirmala Shishu Bhavan. Seeing this effort, she got many recruit and donations and she has made many hospices, orphanages and Leaper houses throughout India. To help poor people in abroad she opened house in Venezuela in 1965. To expand she has started Missionary of Charity Brother was found in 1963 and then branch added sisters in 1976.

International Charity

Teresa was fluent in five languages which were Bengali, Albanian, Serbian, English and Hindi. To help a poor person who stays outside India for them Mother Teresa uses to go to their place occasionally for humanitarian reasons. By 1996, Teresa operated 517 missions in over 1000 countries. From twelve to thousands her Missionary of Charity grew in 450 centers worldwide.


For her noble deed for the human being she received many awards

  1. In 1962, she was honored with Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize
  2. In 1979, she received Nobel Peace Prize
  3. On 4th September 2016, she was declared as a Saint by the church.
  4. Every year 5th September is celebrated as Feast day.

In 1992, Mother Teresa biography was written by Mr. Navin Chawla (who is a retired Indian civil servant and writer, who was a Chief Election Commissioner of India) and she took the place in many books and films.


In 1983, when she was visiting Pope John Paul II in Rome she had a heart attack. After 6 years she got second attack then received in artificial pacemaker. Then again in 1991 she got heart problem in Mexico. Due to her health problem she planned to resign but her comity member stopped her. Soon her health started declining in April 1996 she fell and breaking her collarbone. She had heart surgery but her health was declining day by day. Finally on 13th march 1997 she resigned as head of Missionary of Charity and then Mother Teresa left us on 5th September, 1997. 

On 6th September 1997, she was named co-patron of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta, alongside St. Francis Xavier who was the co - founder of Society of Jesus.

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