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Things You Need to Know About Auto Transport Service  

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autotransportcity autotransportcity on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 2 Yaers Ago

Things You Need to Know About Auto Transport Service

Car shipping companies offer a variety of car or vehicle transport service packages to meet the needs and requirements of a range of clients and potential clients. Often times, there is 'priority shipping', which is at the upper end of the service. Under the priority arrangement, the delivery of the car is usually faster. Depending on the location of the pickup and drop off points, it takes around one to four working days to have the vehicle ready for pickup, starting from the time the shipping agreement is received by the car transportation company.

Likewise, priority shipping service usually (but not necessarily) includes enclosed shipments. This is much more preferred by clients. However, because it is more expensive, it is less popular compared to open transport. Still, some car owners use enclosed shipment because they go for the peace of mind that this type of shipment brings. This is especially true if the car is of the expensive, luxury, classic, and custom varieties.

It is worth your while to understand the insurance coverage involved. Good auto transport companies protect your car during the shipping journey. Their tractors or trailers usually carry a full liability that covers the car during transit.

Your car will be taken in trailers of various kinds, the most popular being the six or nine car transporters. Some of these are too huge for entry into certain neighbourhoods, so a nearby location (like a large, open parking lot) will have to be negotiated between the provider and the client.

Payment for the shipping process can be done very easily. There are usually a number of payment options that the client can choose. The easiest and fastest one is the use of major credit cards. Most companies require some payment upfront, while some allow for the payment to be made only after the car is safely delivered.

Apart from cars, auto transporters also ship heavy equipment, RV's, boats, and motorcycles.

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