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Viral Gig Writing Grand Competition - 2017 : Rules (It's Suspended)  

GigWriting.com is organizing it's first-ever online viral article writing competition. Authors are requested to participate in this competition.
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Viral Gig Writing Grand Competition - 2017 : Rules (It's Suspended)

Rules of Viral Gig Writing Grand Competition - 2017 (This is now suspended)

About Us : GigWriting.com is a self service portal for Article writers (also called as authors), wherein these authors publish their articles under different niches, promotes their work and earn through our Revenue sharing Program. In addition this we also accepts free Guest Posts. Read more about us here.
Competition Start Date : 25th October, 2017 1st November. 2017
Competition End Date : 25th November, 2017 30th November, 2017
Announcements of Winners : 26th November, 2017 1st December, 2017
(Please note the extended dates)
Fees : We have not kept any entry fee for this competition. Participation by maximum participants is the only objective for making this competition free.

Competition Prizes :

A. Cash Prizes: 
1st Prize  : INR 12,000/- 
2nd Prize : INR  8000/-
3rd Prize  : INR  5000/-
B. Prizes for top 10 scorers : 
In addition to 3 cash prizes, first 10 top scorers will be promoted in our "Star GigWriters of the Year - 2017" section for a period of 1 year. They will be associated with GigWriting.com for a period of 1 year and we will promote them for getting more content writing jobs and to establish their names in this sector. For any of our own article writing related requirement, we will prefer these 10 top scorers. In addition to this, we are receiving bulk content writing related requests from different Companies and website owners, for all such assignments, we will prefer these top 10 scorers or refer them to these Companies or website owners, with their prior consent. 
These top 10 scores, if they are interested, have opportunity to work (from home) with GigWriting.com for rest of their life.

General Rules:

1. Participating the Competition:
- It is open to all. Authors from all countries are allowed to participate. 
- Individuals as well as companies can take part in this competition.
- If you are not existing Author of GigWriting.com, then to participate in this competition, please open your account here.
- By opening account with your Responsive Adsense Ad code details, you have additional advantage of generating continuous sorce of income from your Nominated/Submitted Articles. You may open your account with or without your Responsive Adsense Ad code details. For more details Read This.
- Our existing Authors are also allowed to participate in this competition through their existing account.
- All participants (though New or Existing) are required to share their GigWriting.com username on our 2 Fb Groups, in the pinned post created for this purpose. Below 2 are our fb groups, if not yet joined it, please send a request, we will add you there. Please read rules of posting on these groups.
- In above groups, in the pinned post, please comment as "I have joined Gig Writing Grand Competition - 2017 - <your_username>". Only the usernames shared on both these groups will be final participants of this competition. 
- All Authors participating, are requested to complete their profile along-with their short bio and real photo. This can be done by using "My Profile" link in your account.
2. Who are not allowed to participate?
-  Management and staff of GigWriting.com, any person or third party directly associated with day-to-day administrative functions of GigWriting.com and sponsors of this competition (including their representatives and staff) are not allowed to participate in this competition. They are free to post their regular articles, but those will not be considered for calculation of final score.
- Before participating this competition, please check "Disbursement of Prize Moneysection below, to confirm yourself whether you are eligible to receive prize money.
3. What is ideal time to join the Competition: 
- The competition starts from 25th October, 2017 1st November 2017 and ends on 25th November, 2017 30th November, 2017. So, you may join this competition on any date upto 25th November 2017 30th November, 2017. We recommend to join this at the earliest, as it will give you sufficient time for all other activities.
4. How to Submit Article?
- Once you open your account, login to your account to submit your articles from "Post Article" link available in your account. 
- All submitted articles will be reviewed within 24 hours, based on our guidelines. 
- You will be intimated on your registered mail id, if your article is approved and published.
5. What is Submitted and Nominated Article?
- Articles submitted on GigWriting.com during the competition period, will be considered as "Submitted Articles" for the purposes of this competition.
- Once you submit any article, we will review your article, and if approved, it will be published on GigWriting.com. 
- Articles approved & published on GigWriting.com, during the competition period, will enter into the competition as "Nominated Article". Article is nominated, means you have completed first stage of Competition.
- After receiving the mail communicating approval of your article, share your Article link on below 2 Fb Groups, it will let all the participants know that your article is nominated in the competition.
6. How many Articles are Accepted?
- Participants are allowed to submit multiple articles and accordingly one participant can have more than one Nominated Articles.
- More the Nominated Articles you have, more will be your chances of winning this competition.
7. How Winners will be Selected?
- This is a Viral Gig Writing Competition. As the name suggests, the Author, whose article(s) is (are) comparatively more viral, will be the winner of this competition.
- Indulging in spamming, for making articles viral, will be immediate reason of termination of your account. The contents of article should itself make your article viral.
- To determine, how viral your article is, we are using Google Analytics tool. 
- The combine effect of unique pageviews to your article page and average time user spends on your article page, will be considered for calculation of final score.
- The articles, having more than 20 unique pageviews per day (on average), will only be considered for calculation of Final Score.
- The Participant, having highest individual Final Score on 25th November 2017 30th November 2017, will be declared as the winner of this competition on 26th November 2017 1st December 2017. 
8. Calculation method of Final Score: 
- Final Score per article will be calculated by multiplying (1) number of unique pageviews received by the article and (2) Average time spend (in minutes) on that article page. (Please Note: To remove the effect of out-liers, any average time more than 3 minutes will be reduced to 3 minutes only)
- Illustration : 
Suppose, you have 3 Nominated Articles in the competition, article A, article B and article C. During a day, all these articles have received 35, 65 & 85 unique pageviews respectively. The average time spend on these article pages is 0.3 minute, 2.7 minutes and 4 minutes respectively. Then your individual final score for the day will counted by using below formula-
Participant's individual Final score for the day =  441 i.e. (35 X 0.3) + (65 X 2.7) + (85 X 3) 
1. As stated earlier, in the above example, average time spend on article C is 4 minutes, but being an out-lier, for calculation of final score, it is taken as 3 minutes.
2. On similar ground, Final score for the competion, for entire month, will be calculated by considering the all stats of the competition period.)
9. Publishing of Stats:
- During the competition period, on daily basis we will publish following two lists 
1. Top 15 articles of the day with highest number of unique pageviews and 
2. Top 15 articles of the day with highest average time spend.
- For the sake of transparency, on weekly basis, we will publish progressive score of all authors.
- Announcements of publishing of these stats will also be made on the our earlier mentioned 2 Fb Groups.
Criterion for Article Approval/Nomination:
Articles which will pass through our primary screening and are approved will be nominated for this competition. Some of the important points, which will be considered for nomination of article includes-
1. There is no restriction on selection of subject. You are free to post Articles on any subject or niche of your interest. Please read here, which type of articles we commonly reject.
2. Article should have word count of 550+
2. The contents of the Article should be original and written in English. It should be plagiarism free, copyscape pass and grammatically correct.
3. Articles are required to be posted by participants under relevant sub-category. 
4. If you require any additional sub-category of your special interest, you may contact us, before submission of your article, through our "Contact Us" form for creation of additional sub-category. If management accepts your request, we will create additional sub-category for you. We will take all positive efforts to revert back to you within 24 hours, but please don't wait for longer time for our reply and try for some another article for different sub-category
5. Upload at least one good quality jpg image relevant to your topic. You can upload image from the "Choose file" option shown in below image. The image should have width in the range of 630px to 660px and height in the range of 280px to 320px
How to upload main image for GigWriting Article
6. If you want insert some images in the content of your articles, then use articles of width at least 675px. Images, with smaller width, may distort the contents of your article.
7. If the images, you are using for article, are not owned by you, then proper hyperlinked credit to the source of image is required to be given at the end of the article. e.g. "Image Source : test.com". See a sample here
8. In case of receipt of any complaint, from other participants or any other party, for violation of any rule of the competition, we reserve the right to delete your article with prior intimation to you. All stats related to such article will not be considered for the purpose of calculation of Final Score.
Disbursement of Prize Money :
The prize money will be paid only through direct bank transfer. Participants from countries, other than India, will be paid through SWIFT. Before joining, please confirm, whether your bank have facility accepts such type of payment.
Miscellaneous Clauses :
- If any situation compels, the organizers of the competition, at any point of time, reserve the right to withheld, post-pone or suspend the competition with prior intimation and reason for doing so to all the participants.
- the organizers of the competition, reserve the rights to remove any of the participant from the competition, for violation of the above rules. Prior intimation and reason will be communicated to the concerned participant, before executing any such decision.
- By submitting articles on GigWriting.com, be it a Submitted or a Nominated Article, you are giving us complete rights to publish the article on GigWriting.com even after the competition period. 
- The articles which were submitted during competition period, but not nominated in the competition, due to reasons like non-compliance of any of the competition rules, will be published after the competition period by making necessary corrections by GigWriting Management.

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