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How to Make Your Birthday Card Template by Own  

This article is about how to create your own birthday card by using MS Word. A birthday card is what family members needed all the time. Kids love to create a card for their parents or teachers and in same way, friends and lovers surprise their partners by sending birthday card.
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intutivemind intutivemind on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 1 Year Ago

How to Make Your Birthday Card Template by Own

To greet and reawake our fellows, we wish them on their memorable days while expressing our pure and warm feelings for them. Birthdays are very important part of our lives. People used to give best and passionate wishes along with stylish birthday cards to their fellows, friends and cousins.

In modern age, as different e-cards are available on internet free of cost, fashion of writing cards is getting limited. Birthday cards are readily available on web in vast variety of colors and designs along with stylish look. Birthday card template is used as an alternate of birthday card that can be easily got from any website that is providing templates. It isn’t matter that always you have to choose from these pre-designed templates, but you can make your own card template by yourself.

Your idea of making your own birthday card template will give surety about your creativity. This homemade and personal touch will ensure you to be appreciated. By reading this article, you will better understand the way you can make your birthday card template by your own:

  1. First of all, with the help of a pencil or ruler, divide your piece of paper in 4 equal segments. For example try to use measurement of 4-1/4 inches by 5-1/2 inches each while sectioning this paper.
  2. After division of paper parts, hold paper in such a manner that its longest length should be up and down. After it, lightly mark “a” rectangle in upper left hand. Similarly mark other rectangles of paper in same manner by naming them as “b”= upper right, “c”= lower right and “d”= lower left.
  3. After marking sections of paper, twist paper in a way that “a” is in lower right hand corner. Now, write on it “Card Face”. Draw an arrow pointing UP in direction of “d”.
  4. You will do the same thing with section “b” and will write on it back. An arrow will also be drawn while pointing towards “c”.
  5. Now it is time to turn over your paper again such that “c” will become in lower right again. Write on it “inside: message”. Arrow that you will place on this section will be pointing up toward “b” at top.
  6. Your template is now ready to transfer it to a piece of lightweight card stock by orienting it in similar way.

We hope by reading provided material, you will be able to make your own birthday card template. You can use this birthday card template to show your creative skills to your fellows along with your best wishes for them on their memorable day.

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