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Poem : My Voice For The Girls Education  

It is heart-rending at the rate at which girls are subjected to inhumane actions; they peddle wares or their bodies, education is a mirage, beaten or rape without attendant consequences. This makes me to introspective think for an avenue to vehemently lend my voice for a change in status quo in Nigeria. They must be educated.
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baboyed1000 baboyed1000 on Friday, November 3, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Poem : My Voice For The Girls Education

Send Children to school

The fairer sex they are called,
Subjugated and treated like lollipop,
To far and near their emotions flung,
Used and disused like garbage,
Sinew despite the barrage,
And the victimisation and discrimination subjected to,
They take themselves up and brave the challenges,
The girls are worth standing up for.

To the society i scowl,
Unable to repress and suppress my fierce growl,
I asked grilling questions which bother of "How"
To salvage the humanity left of the communal bow,
We must stand up for them,
Because they are worth standing up for.

Insouciance many to the happenings turned,
Kith and kin off the hook they are concerned,
In afflence we live, so such staved,
The future secured, the delusional belief of their mien.
What if your children they are,
The nibbling question inundating the satient,
In such abyss you leave them?
To wallow in such hollow shallow of painful retrospect.
But they are worth standing for.

Widow's mite a long way it goes...advocacy
Conscientizing and questioning the primitive cultural custodians of their ways,
Askew it has been, a change we must wrought,
On the bandwagon of change we must buy, that is what we sought
The status quo changed and girls' lives tinkered devoid of turbulence,
The girls deserve our solidarity,
In peace and mild protest, the upswell of the popularity,
They are worth standing for,
Stand for the girls...they could be your relatives.


66 million girls dream of going to school


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