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Corporate Holiday in Singapore: 6 Things to Do on the Trip  

If you are planning to have a Corporate Holiday and plan is to have Singapore trip, then here are 6 things to do during your holiday in Singapore.
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Jyoti Jyoti on Friday, November 3, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Corporate Holiday in Singapore: 6 Things to Do on the Trip

Today it is not uncommon for families and corporate groups to have vacations planned in Singapore. While families can have numerous unfilled activities to make their time memorable, those who are wondering as to what is there for corporate groups, we have come up with this blog post. Your holiday packages to Singapore might have the usual / regular package things / activities but you can get the most as a team looking to improved yet have fun by asking your tour manager to include things like these mentioned below.

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Escape Room Games
You do not need to look any further than Escape Room games that have gained so much popularity since they were introduced in 2015. They are still a hit with the locals as well as the tourists who are often new to the very idea of playing a video game for real. There are many games with focus on specific skills like leadership, analytical, problem solving, performance under pressure, reasoning and many more. These games are often inspired from real life events vary as per the interests of the players.

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Adventure Activities
One can go for indoor skydiving, ziplining, reverse bungee and extreme swing, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, cycling, cable skiing and many other fun activities that need a bit of adrenalin rush and motivation from the onlookers. The Forest Adventure is one place to be in for corporate activities. Sentosa is the best place to have water fun. Guts and will is all you need to get the adrenalin pumping.

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Art Indulgence
Multiple art and crafts workshops are there to get your inner artist feed on new source of creativity. Even an hour’s workshop is all what your group might need to forget the pleasures of holding brush and canvas (or a paper knife and glue for that matter!) you left in the school. Find your options at places like Within, Art Jamming, Laneway Learning and Green Bananas. Every place is unique in terms of what workshop they are running.

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Do paint bullets sound familiar? If they do, you had the most fun when your friend / rival got hit with one of yours in the paintball war sessions. Red Dynasty Paintball Park is such a nasty place for all your friends who are going to be unlucky enough to get hit by your choice of colour. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be coming for a sweet revenge. Either go solo or let your team give the best output against supposed opposition.

Americans know what is being thrown at them at Homerun Baseball when they do come in Singapore with their colleagues for a different type of staying-together. Non-Americans can have the benefit of doubt yet no less fun. Baseball is one game that the team takes a lot of effort to win and thus has a lot of room to polish the leadership as well as team performing skills.

Lovers of music from all over the world, professionals, amateurs and non-experienced, can have a blast at Team Music. The instructors are highly able to get the most from you and to make yourselves surprise over your own interests and the performance you can give once given an opportunity.

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Singapore holiday package for corporate group would never be a boring thing with the above mentioned inclusions. If not in the customised package, find time to get these included yourself. Have fun!

Author Bio: - Jyotiis a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent Singapore tour package.

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