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Poem - My Voice For The Girls (series 2)  

It is heart-rending at the rate at which girls are subjected to inhumane actions; they peddle wares or their bodies, education is a mirage, beaten or rape without attendant consequences. This makes me to introspective think for an avenue to vehemently lend my voice for a change in status quo in Nigeria. They must be educated.
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baboyed1000 baboyed1000 on Monday, November 6, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Poem - My Voice For The Girls (series 2)


S how them a little compassion of education,
T haw the mist of ignorance and illiteracy,
A ccept their situation but improve their vision,
N urse, lawyer, or doctor they could turn with accuracy,
D awn of bliss to the girls we must with education create,

U lulation of ignorance we must amplify and recreate,
P roliferate their essence and arm the girls with education and not prejudice nor hate,

F or the future and bond in their care wielded unwittingly,
O pen a new vista for them and let them be rebranded,
R etrospect of our actions will bring happiness of attendant ease.

T ake I will the campaign to hither and thither,
H ouse of inequality and prejudice we must pull down,
E very ounce or decibel of voice a boon we will give to our fierce advocating gown.

G irls are worthy of standing up for,
I n shallow, higher or on soap-boxes we will be known for,
R easons for the drive is the need for GIRLS EDUCATION
L et us lend our voices and propagate the need for the girls' NON-education extrication
S ave the girls from illiteracy, servitude and non-education.

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