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How Obesity Can Lead to Lower Back Pain?  

Read here how your obesity or overweight is related with Lower back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.
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Chandan Chandan on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 1 Year Ago

How Obesity Can Lead to Lower Back Pain?

The more we are leading us towards a lavish lifestyle we are forgetting the concept of better and healthy lifestyle. That is the reason many of us are facing medical issues like obesity, joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and many more innumerable diseases and sufferings. Well, the most common issue faced in today's life is Back Pain Problem. It has been analyzed that obesity has a major contribution in the sufferings of Lower back pain. This is what we will be analyzing over here in this article.

So, let us then focus on the issue BMI, that is the Body Mass Index. You might be wondering what is the relation between BMI with back pain and obesity. Well, the answer lies in the content below. So, scroll your eyes down the content to explore more about the issue and to get an explicit idea between the relation of obesity and back pain problem.

BMI: The Indicator

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This index is the concept which will define why obesity is one of the main cause behind experiencing back pain. Also, this index is the sole checker who can analyze whether you will be victimised to the back pain or not. So, let us get going with the clarity of the concept to find the way out of the concept discussed over.

The very purpose of the BMI is to analyze the perfect index between your height and weight of the body. This is very crucial to judge the capacity of your bone to hold the weight according to the height. Earlier there was a conception that weight must increase according to the age. But, now, the modern science has improved the concept and have set a range of weight for a group of age. This is so because no two children can have the same weight, though being same agers because they might differ in their body height.

So, the capacity of the body to hold its weight depends upon the height of the body. If you are overweight compared with the height then sure shot you are obese. And, that is the reason why your body weight puts pressure on the bones and mainly on the joints to hold yourself straight. The BMI, therefore, indicates the perfect weight for the height concerned or vice versa.

How Lower Back Pain is a Side-Effect of Obesity?

By now you must have understood how overweight can cause pain in your bones and joints. But, what is so specific about the lower back pain? Well, though obesity means growth of excessive weight still you must note down the fact that obesity results into the fat accumulation in your lower abdomen.

Due to the compilation of stored and unused fat for a prolonged period of time and due to inefficiency in breaking it, so a person with obesity has huge lower abdomen. This huge weighty lower abdomen puts extensive pressure on your lower back and thus the emergence of just not back pain but lower back pain.

You need to stand straight and when you do that the weight directly puts a backward pressure on the back of your body. The same is the case when a lady gets pregnant. The weight of the baby affects her back and especially the lower back. This then leads to arthritis and many other spine issues. This is how obesity is root cause for medical problems like Shoulder pain, knee pain and Back Pain Problem.

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