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Whether Women Looks Better in Skirts or Jeans?  

What do you think, whether girls look better in jeans or skirts. Actually skirts shows their skin, thighs and legs, whereas jeans shows their figure, shapes and cuts.
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Satish21 Satish21 on Thursday, November 9, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Whether Women Looks Better in Skirts or Jeans?

You must have seen some women looking smashing hot in skirts whereas some women rocks in jeans. Whereas there are some women who looks adorable in skirts as well as jeans. So, question remains, in which clothing women looks better? As an answer to this question, I don't think, anyone one can give any straignt answer here. 

Beautiful girls in skirt and jeans

Actually it depends on the body type i.e. figure, cuts and shape of women. Some women are just born for jeans and some are for the skirts. Different skirts look better on different body types. So, selection of type of skirt, pencil or A-line skirt, will also play a major role in her look.

Though skirts have a tendency to make a woman look more elegant than a jean, women with big buts or wide hips look better in skirts whereas slimmer women looks better in jeans. Whereas for jeans, you don’t need to fair skinned or with a pretty face or fair skinned, tanned skin looks perfect in Jeans. 

 Girl in Skirt

The skirts shows her skin, thighs and legs, whereas jeans shows her figure, shapes and cuts. So, both of them shows beauty of her body. Here, the comfort, confidence and ease with which she is wearig her clothings matters a lot. If a lady is wearing skirt or jeans with confidence and natural smile on face, then irrespective of her clothing, she will look amazingly hot.

Girls in jeans

Considering all these aspects, your sincere comments are expected on whether she looks better in skirts or jeans.

Beautiful girls in skirt and jeans


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