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Getting Started As A Paid Content Writer  

Most people get their start writing blog posts about their lives or ideas, and never explore the possibility of being paid to write. This article about getting started and working as a paid content writer.
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Getting Started As A Paid Content Writer

Most people get their start writing blog posts about their lives or ideas, and never explore the possibility of being paid to write.  There are ample opportunities out there for people to write, and receive “payment” in some fashion. 

A common form of payment comes in the form of attribution, which can be as simple as the name of the author and a way to reach them.  On the internet, it is more common to include a picture and one or two social media account.  This became more prevalent when Google began promoting their now-defunct “Google Authors” program.  It became important to link social media accounts or a website to the article and the author.   Although the program is gone, it is still important to give credit to the writer.

Why Have Blog a Post Written by a Guest?

The reasons for bloggers or website owners to want someone to produce written content for them are as many as there birds in the sky.  One reason might be to not create a large break in their pattern of submitting their own content if they are unable to unwilling to write for a period of time.  Another reason; and this is a big one, is that people are concerned about how their blog appears to the search engines.  In what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) bloggers will tend to want a steady amount of articles (blog posts) posted, that favor their niche.  Yet another, more familiar, reason is to have a fresh perspective or expertise displayed in the writing.  This happens frequently with science or educational system-related blogs.  In this case, one’s credentials matter, by the way.

Where to Find Writing Opportunities

It is not always easy to find opportunities to be paid when starting out.  On a micro-gig type of site such as Fiverr, people prospective writers can post their own ad, known as a ‘gig’, in order to be paid.  The pay ranges from $5 all the way into the hundreds of dollars.   There are also writing agencies that will pay a nominal amount to writers, as the businesses link up the blogs, writers, and customers for the writing jobs.   Many of these small businesses list their services on forums, freelancing sites, and elsewhere.  They often have ongoing writing jobs.  You may be inclined to want as much as you can get in the beginning, but it is important to remember that you are competing against writers with limited language abilities, who charge very little.  As well as that, there is software that can “spin” an article that someone else had written previously.  When you are unable to find sufficient work from freelancing, micro-gig sites, and writing agencies for opportunities to write, don’t give up.  Keep writing on your own blog.

When to Increase Your Price

As you write more articles and gain experience, you may feel that you should be paid more.  It may be true that you warrant a higher rate for your content.  But first, it is important to have your best work in the form of a portfolio.  Ideally, you will make it available online, either on the hosting websites, or linked via Gravatar or another method.  You should always keep your original work available to you, so that you could email it when necessary.  Also, it is good to be able to show that you have been working for a writing service, and to provide references or testimonials about your writing.  If you worked via a site such as Fiverr, you can also display your reviews.  Build that portfolio of yours.

At this point, you can demonstrate that you are ready to move up.  Once your work has been published on some authority sites, and garnered the attention of its readers, you will have ample proof that you are worthy of higher pay.  You are then ready to move to the next level.

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