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Mobile Phone Cover As A Fashion Statement  

Almost everybody I know use a protective case for his or her mobile phone. The thing many people are missing is the fact that mobile case shouldn’t be only for protection; it should also be a fashion statement.
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shaybib shaybib on Friday, December 8, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Mobile Phone Cover As A Fashion Statement

Once upon a time fashion was all about you were wearing. Short skirts, long skirts, jeans, shirts, and pants. You had to wear the right clothes to be popular. Clothes is a way to express yourself. If you wanted to stand out of the crowd you only needed to wear clothes that were different from the clothes others would wear. Bit by bit jewelry entered the fashion field. Fashion broaden its horizon with accessories like jewelry, hats, and purses. Now fashion includes many other things. On this post, I will write about cell phone covers as a fashion statement.

Beaing the most affordable and convenient mode of communication, almost everybody I know has a mobile phone. Most of them put it on a protective case. It makes sense your precious mobile phone can be damaged easily so why not protect it? The thing many people are missing is the fact that mobile case shouldn’t be only for protection; it should also be a fashion statement. When you cover your cell phone with an ordinary cover you actually say “I am ordinary and I don’t pay attention to my appearance”.

You can use your cell phone cover as a tool to express the thing you love. For example are you an animal lover? You can cover your phone with a picture of your favorite animal or even make a tailored phone cover featuring your on pet picture. If you are a music fan there are beautiful phone cases with music note or music instrument painting on them. If you are an Anime fan there are some gorgeous Anime phone cases you can cover your mobile phone with. You don’t have to put a mobile phone cover with a picture on it. A colorful bright mobile phone case can lighten up your whole appearance. A bit of color can make all the difference.

My daughter takes it to a whole new level. She has many (much too many) phone cases ad she changes her phone cover regularly to fit the clothes she wears or the mood she is in. She thinks that if her phone case doesn’t fit her purse she is committing some fashion crime…

My son, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about his mobile phone cover fitting his clothes (he doesn’t even care if his clothes fit one another), but he is a huge fan of a soccer team in the Euro league so his mobile phone cover always has some soccer player from his favorite team on it.

My wife likes her mobile phone cover to be solid without too many colors or pictures. She thinks with the jewelry she wears a flashy mobile phone case would make it a bit too much. I think she is right after all a beautiful women like her doesn’t need anything to stand out in a crowd. She is quite notable and doesn’t need to exaggerate with her clothes jewelry or mobile phone case.

And what about me? I try to use the most colorful mobile phone cases I can find. I like my mobile phone to stand out and be notable. I do it to contrast my ordinary day to day appearance. I don’t have the courage to wear clothes that are not ordinary and respectable. So I use my mobile phone case to make my fashion statement and let the world know I am not as boring as I look at first glance.  

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