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Amazing Tips On How To Make Your Nose Smaller  

You are not confident with the big nose and want to have small and beautiful nose. Makeup, Exercise, Hairstyle can do some miracle. Here are some useful tips on how to make your nose smaller without surgery.
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jasminehe0910 jasminehe0910 on Monday, December 11, 2017, 1 Year Ago

Amazing Tips On How To Make Your Nose Smaller

You’re not confident with the big nose. But you don’t want to do a job nose. Here’re some useful tips on how to make your nose smaller without surgery.

Wear Makeup

Makeup can change your skin tone to be darker or lighter than natural tone. So we can use this trick to slimmer the nose. To have the best effect, you need to choose the right highlighting and shading makeup. Both cream-based and powder can be your choice. But powder will easier to bend and use. We have individual products for contouring and highlight, but you can use matte eyes shadow for instead.

You should choose the shadow color is darker two or three times than your natural skin tone. Choosing the right brushes is crucial too. A soft-bristled brush goes with a powder-based makeup. An angled brush will help you to control the shadow and highlighter. If you want to blend two colors, you can use a soft, blending brush. Maybe a blending sponge will be simpler to use. Making your center line of your nose brighter will help your nose look sharper.

Don’t make this line too thick which can cause your nose bigger than usual. Use a brush or a sponge to sweep down the center of your nose to two sides of the highlight. Remember that you’re softening the line, you are not opening it. One more thing, you should shadow two sides of your nose. That is a daily way for you when you don’t know how to make your nose smaller.

Doing Exercise

Maybe you don’t think about it, but exercises are great ways on how to make your nose smaller. Here are some simple methods.

Make nose shaping

This method is a good way on how to make your nose smaller. Sit down with your straight back and then use index fingers to force on the sides of your nostrils. At this time, look up in the roof of the hose and open your mouth with your chin at a low position. Breathe in and breathe out about ten seconds. You will feel contract of the muscle. Put your index finger at the bottom of two sides of your nostrils to have the best result. Do not use too much force. It is best for the person who has big size at the nostrils. You should do it three times per day.

Shorten your nose

A long nose is often a problem at Western people than Asian because of the genetic. This exercise will help you to reshape your nose. You need to nose that we can change your bone. What we are trying to change is the muscles around our nose. What you need to do is to put your index fingers at the tip of your nose and push it up.

Don’t push it too strong and too fast. You will see the line on the nose make by pushing up your nose tip. Use two fingers to take the nose up at this site. You can do this exercise whenever you want. However, just do it gently to avoid making your nose hurt.

Breathe on right way

Breathing exercises have excellent benefit for the health and the body. One of them will make your nose tinier. First, you need to block one nostril by your finger and then breathe deep and regular about 20 seconds. Then change to block the other nostril and do the same thing. You can do it about ten times for each side. Just relax when you do it, it also helps your lung.

Another method of breathing is close your mouth and inhale and exhale forcefully. You can hear the sound when you do this way. And do it as much as you can. Remember to sit with your back straight up, because it will help your airway straight and easier for the air come in and out. It is a little bit weird when people see you do it. So you can do it when you alone in a room.

Massage nose

Massage can relieve headaches and narrow the nose. Using your thumb and index finger apply the force to the nose at the junction of the nose and the face. Squeeze the nose gently and pull out the nose. Start at the bridge nose and move on to the tip. You should do this exercise one or two minutes. And do it three times per day.

Wiggle your nose

This action effect on building muscle and make the muscle stronger. So that makes the nose sharper. It is a simple way on how to make your nose smaller. Keep your face stable and then wiggle your nose. Do it sometimes per day and keep regularly doing for best results.

Make People Don’t Focus on Your Nose

Pay attention to your lip

Wear a bright or bold lipstick color to reduce the focus at your nose. Make the bold outline your lip to have a full lip. Put the glitter in the middle of the lip to highlight. So when everyone looks at your face, they will focus on your beautiful lips instead of your big nose. Moreover, you will be so sexy with the full and bright lip.

Makeup your eyes simply

If you wear heavy eye makeup, the look will focus on the center of your face where the nose is. Draw a thin eyeliner and natural eyelashes to have a simple eye but still attractive. Eyebrows should be natural, but if you don’t have eyebrows, try to draw it how to look like a real one. If you have the under-eye shadows, you should use the concealer to hide it. But remember to choose the color suits with your skin tone.

Choose a good hairstyle

The hairstyle is so important to light the appearance. But do you know that right hairstyle will help you hide the big nose?

Bright and beautiful hair will make you stand out in the crowd. In addition, when people look you they will focus on your hair instead of your nose. Many hairstylists show that a parting middle hair will make more attention on your nose. In contrast, a parting side hair will draw attention away from your nose. I recommend you some hairstyle you can wear. Soft curly or wavy hair will make you look more elegant.

If you want to look your nose shorter, you can use the hairstyle which puts all your hair on the back of the head. On the other hand, we have some hairstyle you should avoid. Large bangs will cover up your eyes. People can’t have eye contact or look at your eyes. Thus, they will look at your nose instead. Ponytails can make you look more energy, but tight ponytails will make your nose is so remarkable.

Use the right accessories

Use a necklace to attract the look on your sexy neck. Or gemstone earring will draw attention away from the nose. If you want to wear glasses, you should choose the large, big frames which will dwarf your nose.

There are many natural and easy way on how to make your nose smaller. Hope you will have the nose look as you wish.

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