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6 Easy Festive Season Hairdos For Women  

Festive season is always the best time to refashion and redo your look, and it cannot be better if you don’t change your hairstyle
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OkothE OkothE on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 1 Year Ago

6 Easy Festive Season Hairdos For Women

As we approach 2018, you must be looking forward to a new hairstyle for this festive season. This is the best time to refashion and redo your look, and it cannot be better if you don’t change your hairstyle. Maybe you are caught in other activities and do not know where to start. Check out this piece for the hottest hairstyles to wear this festive season.

High Pony

High pony has become more famous this year, looking sexier, glossier and a top choice for many celebrities. This look has been on the runway for long and has been put on by Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, and they merely gave the style a significant comeback to the fashion and beauty industry. What’s more, it can quickly be pulled off. To take the style a level higher, just wrap a few strands around your elastic, and you will love it.

The Lob

Many celebrities have chosen this style, and it just looks beautiful on them. It is awesomely variable and easy to maintain. It offers curly or ultra straight, super relaxed or messy curls looks. Besides looking amazing, these styles can be done by the flat iron or barrel curling iron and by alternating spirals in and out, you can come up with lots of beachy natural looks. If you were born a super stylish or a rock star, try out the lob.


The undercut is getting more attention lately. The look is super striking, and it blends well with any hair. Scarlett Johansson looks amazing whenever she beams on the red carpets with her short hair undercut. However, the style can as well be done with longer locks.

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Messy low bun

Messy Low Bun is one trendy yet straightforward hairstyle every lady would look forward to having. It is one of the best styles if you’re running late on time, but still, want to look fabulous and cute. It is even easier when done with short or medium hair, but can as well be done with any length or texture. According to HairstylesFeed, Messy Low Bun has been famous and it is best for lazy days at the beach during summer.

Sleek Low Pony

The pony that was not so popular has returned in bigger and better way. Just like the high pony style, it is flawless and can be done with any type or length of hair. For shorter hair, a sleek low pony would look even better with extensions especially for those who want to replicate Olivia Culpo’s silken middle part hairstyle. To look fabulous and stylish, just hairspray a clean toothbrush and use it to sweep back flyaway hairs.

Wet Look

The wet look has been famous for the better part of 2017. Khloe Kardashian and Shay Mitchel among other super celebrities have graced this super sopping wet effect. What’s unique about this hairstyle is the fresh look it offers and how easy it is to pull off with just any length or texture of hair. You can use a wet towel or spray bottle to dampen the hair and apply mousse from the roots down to help keep the hair in place.

Well, I know you probably made up your mind to change your hairstyle in the middle of this article. These are just a few incredible looks you can wear during this festive season to look great just like a celebrity even if you are not one.

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