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How To Use A TENS Unit For Your Toes And Feet  

The TENS devices are good to use for when you want to ease muscle pain. It can even work to relieve you of sciatica as well as fibromyalgia.
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How To Use A TENS Unit For Your Toes And Feet

The TENS is a small device of the size of a cell phone you can use. It can relieve pain in most areas of the body. You can purchase some units over-the-counter and others do require prescription from a doctor. These devices are good to use for when you want to ease muscle pain. It can even work to relieve you of sciatica, fibromyalgia, a chronic widespread muscle pain. The FDA has approved TENS for helping you to lessen the pain in the arms, hips and other areas. TENS unit for feet are a given. Here are some ways to use TENS:

1.      Using TENS for shoulder pain:

Your rotator cuff is basically a cluster of tendons that go from the muscles that start at shoulder blade. Placement of these electrodes is important. Put a 2x2 pad on your upper arm front, one at the back of your shoulder and one above the bone. Never put electrodes on your bones for there is less fluid there for conducting electricity.

2.      Using TENS for Knee Pain:

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, it can be helped from strengthening the muscles around the joints involved. A lot of people don’t do exercise thinking it will make the condition worse. If you strengthen the quads, you can experience less pain. The TENS simulation may provide relief from this pain in the older adults. Try placing one electrode above your knee, one below and one to each side.

3.      Using the TENS for Foot Pain:

When you have tired, sore, or swollen feet after a long day you can get a massage. Place the electrodes over your lower calf muscle in the back. Again on top with one electrode on your foot front above the toes can be placed. You can also place 4 electrodes in square design on top of your feet. For ankle pain, you can place 2 electrodes on the top surface of your foot. Place one on the front of the ankle joint and one on outside of your ankle.

The TENS send low energy current through the skin. It goes to the muscles and nerves that cause your muscles to contract.

4.      Using the TENS for Plantar Fasciitis pain:

Don’t let the pain from Plantar Fasciitis stop you in your tracks. There are so many exercises you can do to heal it. You can take help from a chiropractor and learn how to use TENS. Then you may purchase your own TENS and eliminate expenses of visiting a chiropractor. Plantar Fasciitis is a very horrible pain from the inflammation of your flat ligament that is plantar fascia tissue. It has the work of supporting the arch on your foot bottom.

5.      Using TENS for lower back pain:

You have to learn what will give your cervical and thoracic spine relief. Spinal pain can occur if you strain your muscles. This can happen if you sprain it by picking heavy items. If you suffering from radiating pain because of it, then it is there to help. Try placing electrodes near your spine but not on your bones.

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