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What Are Modular Homes or Transportable Homes?  

Modular homes, also known as transportable homes, are actually built in a factory. The different parts of home are designed in warehouse and those are then assembled on your property.
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marksimon marksimon on Monday, December 25, 2017, 1 Year Ago

What Are Modular Homes or Transportable Homes?

A real 'home' is the house built on a personal or commercial property where the workers build the foundation, walls, ceilings, etc onsite.  On the contrary, modular homes are unique since these homes are actually built in a factory. These homes are also known as transportable home and you can save your cost by availing these modular homes. The designers and the labor will make the different parts of your home in their warehouse and then they will assemble these parts on your property to build a new modular home.

Modular homes are built and then transported to the location where they are joined with the foundation thus making it stronger than manufactured homes which are also touted as easy to relocate homes.

There are many features and benefits of modular homes because of which it is popular among people who would like to buy a home designed as per their choice and style and in their budget. You can customize the design of the home as per your needs. Especially if you live in a rural area then you can choose this modular home because you cannot find the building materials in your local area. So modular home can save your construction cost and provide you more convenience.

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What traits make Modular Homes stand distinct from ordinary homes?

Since modular homes are budget friendly and easy to customize, this gives it more potential than buying an ordinary home with pre-designed floor design and structure that eliminates customer's preference over design.

Modular homes are built in blocks thus, allowing the customers to utilize the area available more efficiently.  Even if you need to some home loan for making or building the modular home then also you can apply the same to any bank and private lender. Now most of the lenders provide their comprehensive loan at low rate of interest for these modular homes, so your EMI on Home Lone may be low.

The design and floor plan of modular homes are never alike since each modular home making companies have hundreds of floor design and plans, the customers can choose the one they love. Even if you want to customize a section or the entire modular home then  you can do so with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Many modular home companies have already entered into million-dollar deals with companies who want their offices to be built on the foundation of modular homes. If you want to design an office inside your residential property then you can choose the modular home.

As these modular homes are strongly bonded to the foundation, the strength of these homes is greatly enhancing such as it can stay intact even at the wind speed of staggering 175 mph during hurricanes or tornados.

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What is the cost of building Modular Homes?

With a lot of modular homes construction companies in the business, the cost of these homes has been influenced to mark lower rates than earlier. According to a popular website discussing the cost of building modular homes, it totally depends on the design, space, floor design and materials. Anyhow, with modern techniques used in the construction of modular homes, the overall cost of homes are approximately 20% lower than onsite built homes and with such perks, it seems to be a great deal to enjoy for those who want only the best at cost effective prices and in faster processing time.

Modular homes are subjected to various laws and regulations to ensure it is completely safe and secure to be inhabited.  Moreover, companies inspect each and every nook and corner before shipping the home and after planting it at its right place.

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