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10 Diseases Caused By Bacteria  

Some bacteria types are harmless, helping the mankind, whereas some are harmful causing deadly diseases. Here are some details about the bacteria and the diseases caused by them.
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waqarmohsansiddiqui waqarmohsansiddiqui on Sunday, December 31, 2017, 1 Year Ago

10 Diseases Caused By Bacteria

All about Bacteria:

Hmmm...... Bacteria??? Do you know something about it? Yes or No... Whatever the answer is, I am here to share some knowledge with you about Bacteria.

Bacteria is the unicellular, microscopic organisms that spread all over the world in every and each place. It is said by our science that the recent form of organisms (Human) are developed from bacteria. It is the germ so when the people heard about the word bacteria they thought harmful effects of this germ. But the fact is that it plays some important role in our life. Let's take an example...plant fix nitrogen in the soil due to bacteria reside in that place. If they are absent then nitrogen is enabled to perform its cyclic process. The harmless bacteria present in the body leads to proper digestion, produces vitamins, boosts your immune system and many more.

But yes there are some harmful bacteria present in our environment that leads to horrible diseases. When lethal bacteria spread to the body then it leads to an infection called bacterial infection. There is mostly three form of bacteria:




Bacteria are also classified into two classes:

Gram-positive Bacteria

Gram-negative Bacteria

Diseases caused by Bacteria:

Here we discussed the Bacterial disease that is caused by harmful bacteria.

  1. Tetanus
  2. Diphtheria
  3. Lyme disease
  4. Noma disease
  5. Query fever
  6. Actinomycosis
  7. Listeriosis
  8. Bacterial pneumonia
  9. Bacteremia
  10. Meningococcal disease


It is the bacterial disease that attacked your nervous system and causes difficulty contraction of the muscles. This disease makes the patient difficult breathe and it will lead to death. Clostridium tetani are the bacteria that cause this disease.



stiff jaws



Stiff neck

Difficulty swallowing

Stiff abdominal muscles

Increased blood pressure


It is the bacterial disease that is caused by Corynebacterium diphtheria. In this disease, the bacteria attacked the mucous membrane of the throat and nose. It can proliferate from one person to another person.




swollen neck

Barking cough

Bluish skin



difficult breathing

Difficult swallowing

Vision change

signs of shock

Lyme disease:

Lyme disease is the inflammatory disease that is caused by Borrelia Burgdorfer a bacteria which is present in ticks and their bite is responsible for its dispersion. There are 12 strains of Borrelia that causes Lyme disease. Not only all the ticks carry this bacteria. It is also called The Great Imitator.


A headache

Muscle aches




Vision Changes

A sore throat

Enlarge lymph nodes

A severe headache


Numbness in arms, legs, and feet

Bull eye’s Rash

Mental fogginess

Short-term memory loss

Difficulty concentrating

Brain disorders

Disturbance in heartbeat


It is the disease which is caused by the bacteria entered the bloodstream. The infection spreads in each and every part of the body. This disease is dangerous.




High blood pressure



Irregular urination

Irregular breathing

Meningococcal disease:

This disease is rear but serious bacterial infection. This infection attacked the covering that covers the brain and on the spinal cord. It caused them to be inflamed. It also caused infection in the bloodstream. It leads to severe illness. The babies that are suffering from this disease get the other diseases very quickly. It causes severe damaging to the brain of the infected organisms.


at no food

Bad feeling





Breathing fastly.

Shivering of hands and foot


Stiff neck

A headache

Joint pain

muscle aches

Crying continuous


Doesn’t like bright light

be sleepy and difficult to wake up

Red or purple spots on the skin


So, it is concluded that bacterial diseases are really terrible in their effects. These diseases demand us a proper treatment. If left untreated then the severe problem occurs. Treat these diseases properly. Hopefully, you can get a lot of knowledge. (Belly Button)

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