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How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Data Safe Before They Sale It  

With the new government policy, there are lots of things changed in internet privacy. It is mandatory to take permission of ISP before tracking or selling a user data. Here are few solutions which help you find online safety.
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Ketzilla Ketzilla on Thursday, February 8, 2018, 1 Year Ago

How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Data Safe Before They Sale It

Since last year, all over the world, they are changed internet privacy security issues. This result into scenario such as tracker and seller of your private browsing information has to ask permission of Internet service providers (ISP).  

Most of the people still think that solution to keeping our browsing data by going incognito browser mode in a browser. This only keeps the browser companies at a bay by not allowing them to keep a record of the websites and apps you are visiting. ISP can still track everything you are doing online.

Browsing history is very valuable for advertisers because this information allows them to serve the targeted audience they want to advertise. Big giant like Facebook, Twitter and Google permit advertisers to use your personal data for advertising campaigns.

Following are few options you can try which can help you protect your personal data online.

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a kind of medium which encrypts information or data that you unknowingly send online from your smart phones, tablet or phone. In short, VPN don’t allow any source to track or read your data including internet service provider. All the uploading and downloading internet data will be encrypted by VPN server. Only you and VPN server can see transferring data online.

Before selecting any VPN, do your research about it. Try to avoid free VPN because your goal is to keep your private information safe. Also, go for internet service provider who takes your online data privacy sincerely.

Don’t worry, there are lots of resources which will help you find best VPN at best price and strength. But there are some drawbacks related to VPN usage. Some of the websites are not accessible when you use VPN services such as Netflix. Internet speed also slightly slows down.

Go for a different ISP

Some of ISPs are not agreed on keeping your online data safe. Except less availability of new ISP in your location, going for new ISP is the solution.

If you live in Mumbai then you can visit Linkcue, where you can find list of best internet service providers and compare broadband plans in your locations. You can ask them about customer internet data privacy before signing up.


Thanks to the Tor project which non profit organisation which involves into research and development of online privacy. It is primarily designed to protect and stop anonymous people, government agencies from tracking your online activity and location.

Tor browser runs website traffic through numerous virtual servers located all over the world. Tor is slightly complex and can slow down a website loading speed but it is an option for keeping data safe online.

Linkcue is an online platform for searching list of unlimited hathway broadband plans and compare hathway internet plans in Mumbai.

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