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Win $300 in monthly contest!  

Need a continuous source of free traffic to your blog? This post describes how to get free blog traffic and win USD $300 monthly contest.
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Admin Admin on Saturday, June 16, 2018, 10 Months Ago

Win $300 in monthly contest!

Hello Bloggers!

Today, I am going to introduce you to the goldmine of free blog traffic. Recently, I came across A1B.in, a completely different kind of free social networking portal. This portal is mainly for bloggers around the world. It's a free social networking portal, bringing bloggers across the world together to help each other for improving their Blog metrics. Bloggers from different countries are joining here to boost their blog traffic and improve bounce rate. 

How A1B.in is working?

This portal is providing three main services to get blog traffic. (1) World Bin (2) Social Bin & (3) Shortner Bin

What is World Bin?

World Bin uses the concept of Blog Commenting as an effective tool for improving your blog statistics. You just need to share your blogpost link for 10 Bin Points (credit points) on this portal. This portal ensures that your blogpost is visited & read completely by interested bloggers around the world. For visiting and reading your blogpost, they will in-turn get 1-2 Bin Points. The accumulated Bin Points are reused by these bloggers to share their own blogposts.

The World Bin also has option to promote your blogpost on this network to get more blog traffic. This is one of the most cheapest way of advertising your blogpost. It costs only 5 Bin Points per day. It also has feature to invite other bloggers to visit and read your blogpost. Such invited bloggers gets extra Bin Points to read your blogposts.

World Bin ensures blog traffic, engagement as well as lower bounce rate.

What is Social Bin?

Imagine other 50-100 bloggers are sharing or retweeting your blogpost on different social media and you are getting continuous flow of traffic from their activity... Yes, it is possible with Social Bin of this portal. If you need followers, subscribers, likes, shares & retweets on major social networks to build your social profile or brand, the bloggers from this portal will help you through Social Bin and they will get 1-1.5 Bin Points for helping you. 

This social Bin is helping me to get more followers, subscribers, shares, likes and tweets on facebook, twitter, linkedin, G+, instagram and youtube. This social Bin is sending good traffic to gigwriting.com

What is Shortner Bin?

Shortner Bin provides URL shortner service and unlike other URL shortners, it provides opportunity to earn Bin Points, advertising on the shortened URLs and option to get more referals. It's easiest way to earn Bin Points, get more traffic and more referrals. The referral program on this portal gives Bin Points as well as cash commission up to 30%.

Weekly and Monthly Contests

 Two types of contests are running there on this new portal. (1) Weekly contest & (2) USD $300 Monthly contest.

The weekly contest is about Remaining active on this portal. Reamining active means, you have to be active on any 5 days during the week and at the end of week 5 random winners will be selected and they will get 100 Bin Points each as winning prize. This portal gives 2 Bin Points per day for login. This ensures maximum activity on this portal and gives considerable blog traffic to the bloggers on this portal.

Whereas, in monthly contest, you will be having an opportunity to win USD $100 Cash and 5000 Bin Points worth USD $200. This contest is run for specific activity, e.g. spending Bin points or earning Bin Points etc and selects top 10 winners at the end of month. The winner gets the winning prizes after the closure of competition. I invite you all to join A1B.in and boost your blog traffic and win this monthly contest. 


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