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If you are a blogger, affiliate or article writer, now you don't have to invest on creating and maitaining a blog. Now, you need not to pay for any domain or webhosting or promotion. Write your articles (with dofollow links) directly on

Here you get an opportunity to make money by posting Articles, Images and Videos of your interest. As an Authour on, you are eligible to earn with our Revenue Sharing model. Our Revenue Sharing model is implemented through your Google AdSense Code.

How it works and How I will earn? is self-service portal for content writers (Authors). Our Authors post their good quality content rich and high quality keyword rich articles on this portal. And we put their Google AdSense Ad code at 3 places on the sidebar of the page, containing their Articles. When any visitor visits this article page or clicks on any of these ads on that page, Google AdSense pays for that click or impression depending on its policy. Our Authors keep 100% of the revenue generated from their AdSense Ads. Thus, it's a continuous income source for rest of your life.

So, if you are interested in earning with,
 1. You should have, your own approved Google AdSense account. If you don't have it, then you may open a new Google AdSense account HERE.
 2. To increase your earning, you have to post multiple good quality content rich articles (in 550+ words) on with some high quality and search friendly keywords. (High quality keywords will give more traffic to your article pages.)
 3. Share your article with your friends and family through social networking sites like facebook, twitter,etc. for some traffic.

We will take care rest of the things without any financial charges to you. The ads on your article page (apart from your 3 ads) are owned by and those are required for bearing our site expenses.

What is "Guest Author without Ads"?

To join our Revenue sharing Program, you must have Google Adsense account. But, if you do not want to earn with our Revenue Sharing Program or do not have Adsense account, but want to post article free as an Guest Blogger, then you may post articles as "Guest Author without Ads".

This feature is ideal for bloggers who are interested in Free Guest Posting. We allow 100% Dofollow links in your free Guest post. Bloggers or website owners who need organic traffic and want to increase their page rank can use this Free Guest Blogging option. In case of Free Guest posting, system will show it's own ads.

How to register as "Guest Author without Ads" is described below

Benefits for Posting Articles on

While designing, our three main objectives were (1) to make it compatible for all devices i.e. computers, mobile and tablets; (2) to bring more organic traffic to this site through search engines (our search friendly URL is one of great example for this) and (3) to make it more user-friendly.

As a result of implementation of these objectives, the number of visitors visiting this portal and number of new Authors joining daily has increased to a great extent. Use of RSS, Social Share Button, Search friendly URL, etc. will surely help you (as an Author) to get traffic spikes over the coming months. In addition to this, our Authors and our visitors are sharing the articles, from, with their friends and relatives on multiple social networking portals. All these features are helping us to boost our traffic and also helping our Authors to increase their revenue earning potential from their Adsense ad Codes.

Apart from designing efforts, we have kept very liberal approach for our Authors and publishers. We have not kept any restriction on the use of affiliate links of our Authors. So, as an Author, you can post as many affiliate links as you feel necessary, for the content of your article. You are also free to provide back-links to your own blog or website. We also do not have any restriction for anybody ( e.g. publishers, seeking some good content) to use your article (as it is) free-of-charge for their website, blog, forum, RSS feed or print publication. No doubt, this will give some additional traffic to you.

As we are allowing Dofollow links in your free Guest posts or articles, your Website or Blog will get more organic traffic and it will also help you to improve your page ranking as well as ranking in search engine results.

One of the most important thing is, though posting articles on is completely free, assures you a continuous sorce of income and traffic for rest of your life.

Responsive Ad Code

We allow only Resposive Ads from AdSense, as those can be better viewed on computer, tablets or mobiles. So, for earning from this portal, you have to provide your AdSense code deatils for Responsive Ad type only. At the time of registering your account with us, we ask you put two numbers from your "AdSense Responsive Ad code" in our Registration Form. Those two numbers (i.e. data-ad-client & data-ad-slot as shown in the image below) are required, in order to put your AdSense code on yourarticle pages.
If you want to register as Guest Author without Ads, then in above Registration Form put dummy numbers for data-ad-client as 0123456789123456 & for data-ad-slot as 0123456789. If in future, you change your mind and want to convert your account as Regular Author, you may do that by sending your actual numbers for data-ad-client & data-ad-slot through our Contact Us form.

Please remember that you have to strictly follow the Ad placement policy laid down by Google. Click Here to read Google AdSense Ad Placement Policy. You will be paid by Google, based on it's payout policy. In addition to this, you are strictly prohibited from clicking directly or indirectly on the ads placed on pages, otherwise you may be banned by Google permanently.

Post Articles, videos or images on any subject of your choice and earn cash from our Revenue Sharing Program.

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